What is the purpose of this site?

Stock brokers are companies that provide access to exchanges - that is, through them you can invest.

Previously, for this, people called on the phone and asked the broker to perform the operation for them. Now everything is done in the terminal on a computer or, more often with beginners, in a trading mobile application.

There are a great many brokers. As you become a more experienced investor, you will most likely have multiple accounts with different brokers. The main thing at the start is to choose a reliable company with a convenient application. The commissions for all are the same plus or minus.

The GInvestBroker team invites you to familiarize yourself with the analysis of stock brokers, which is done monthly.

We hope that we will help you choose a reliable and convenient broker!

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Remember before investing, read the legal information about investing or consult an investment lawyer in your country. Make investment decisions with a cool head.

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